BSEB Changes Exam Norms Midway Through Intermediate Board Exams 2018

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New Delhi:  The Bihar School Examination Board has changed the exam pattern for students appearing for the intermediate board exams a few days after the exams began. This year, for the first time, students will have to attempt objective questions in their theoretical paper. The question paper will have 50% objective questions in the question paper and students will be given an OMR sheet to attempt the objective questions. The exams started on February 6 for intermediate students and the board has changed the pattern mid-way.

When the exams began, students could attempt the objective questions as per their convenience during the three hours duration of the exam. The OMR sheets for objective answers were distributed in the beginning of the exam and collected at the end. 

However, in a new notice published by BSEB on the official website, the board said that students will have to attempt the objective questions in the first one hour of the exam duration. The OMR sheet will be collected back from the examinees at 11:15 by the examiners in the first sitting and at 3:15 pm in the second sitting. 

For the Music (theory) exam scheduled on February 12 and for the Science and Commerce NRB and MB (theory) exam scheduled on February 14, the OMR sheet will be collected at 11:15 am. For the exam conducted today, on February 9, for Arts NRB and MB (theory) exam, it was instructed that OMR sheets should be collected at 11:15. 

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